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Now you are purchasing your new vehicle the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. There are a number of programs on the market today that claim to deter the theft of your vehicle. With MicroDotDNA you get proven results from the only program in Canada that is endorsed by Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and used in the Bait Cars at the 2010 Olympic Games. As part of Operation Hands Off you can also get MicroDotDNA protecting your home and business.

What are MicroDots?

MicroDots are a state-of-the-art identification technology which allows any asset to be quickly and effectively marked with its own unique “DNA.” Each MicroDot is the size of a grain of sand and is laser-etched with microscopic identification information that is easy for police to trace. Hundreds of dots are applied that incorporate a trace identifiable by police. Once applied, MicroDots are resistant to most acids, solvents, road salts and heat. To remove every single MicroDot from an asset would typically result is significant damage and the risk of being caught from missing just one dot is too great for a thief.

View the Solicitor General of B.C. introduce MicroDotDNA

View the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association Partner Webpage

Canadian Support for MicroDot Technology

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association
Council of Motor Vehicle Administrators
National Independent Automobile Dealer Assoc.

Visit: www.operationhandsoff.com
Royal Canadian Mounted Police – RCMP
Insurance Bureau of Canada – Parts Marking
Numerous Canadian Insurance Companies

Visit: www.microdotdna.com

If you have any questions regarding Operation Hands Off or MicroDotDNA please contact your dealer. If your dealer does not currently offer MicroDotDNA then please contact us directly by phone or email.


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