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In this Credit Application the words "Borrower”,“Co-Borrower”,“You”, and “Yours” refers to the Borrower and Co-Borrower(s). The words “We”, "Us", “Our” and "Lender" refers to Finance West Inc. The word “Dealer” refers to the supplier of the goods and/or services to be financed and is the Dealer who is completing this Credit Application and submits the information to us for approval. The word “Information” refers to all of the details completed in this Credit Application for review of your credit worthiness and any information we receive from any source related to the adjudication of credit.The word “Loan” refers to the legal and binding Agreement that is entered into upon the approval and execution of the loan documents. The word “Vehicle” refers to the motor vehicle this Credit Application is being completed and submitted for approval for a Loan.

You agree the Dealer may gather, use and share the information for the purpose of submitting this Credit Application for approval. You agree to allow the Dealer to use a service provider to exchange your information with us and allow us to exchange information with the Dealer either directly or through the Dealer’s service provider to approve or decline this Credit Application. You acknowledge the Dealer is our agent only in the capacity required to complete and submit this Credit Application, Identification Disclosure and execution of Loan Agreement documentation.

You agree that now and during the term of this Loan we may obtain, use and share your Information, including but not limited to: you, the Dealer, credit reporting agencies, agencies related to the operation of the Vehicle, agencies related to your Driver’s Licence, agencies related to the verification of identity, suppliers of goods and services related to your Loan,the servicing of your Loan, debt collection and the enforcement of the terms and conditions of the Loan. You further agree we may share your information in order to determine creditworthiness related to any Information provided in this Credit Application.

You agree that after the completion of your Loan and, for a period of up to 2 years afterwards, we can share your Information with any parties as it relates to the status of your Loan being paid in full or if there is any unpaid balance and any details of such events. This includes your contact information.

You acknowledge and agree we may be required to disclose your Information as required to comply with any Federal,Provincial, Law Enforcement Matter or by Court Order.

You acknowledge and agree your Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) is not required for your Credit Application. If, however, we are unable to confirm your identity for the purpose of assessing your credit worthiness we may request it. If you decline you accept this may be cause for declining your Credit Application.

You certify all your Information in this Credit Application is complete, accurate and true.
You certify you have requested all correspondence and Loan documentation in English.

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